Video Panas 2013 | GLAM Dinner

Hello readers!

Terasa cepat sungguh masa berlalu kan. Dah nak masuk tahun baru, another one year older, one year wiser ;)

As a closing of 2013, fatin nak share the most awaited video of our GLAM Dinner. 

Enjoy watching!!

Special thanks to our sponsors:-

Invalise @invalise
Hafiz Atan Pictures @pbuncut
Ajue Rashid
Hazelin Shamsudin

For full story, just visit my earlier entry about the 

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Here's some of our famous fans have to say...

"Powerful, Motivated & Professional..." - Dato' Radzuan Radzwill

"Beautiful, Elegant, fun to watch!" - Rizman Ruzaini

"Malaysia's Rising Worldwide Online Network" - HanisTV

"Interesting, I really like the name!..." - CapitalTV

"Business Moghul..." - InTrend Magazine

"Mogul Idola 2013..." - Majalah Hijabista

"Satu kuasa baru..." - Majalah Nona

"Usahanya tidak sia-sia..." - Majalah Jelita

I am glad to be part of the Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM). 

InshaAllah 2014 lebih cemerlang!!!!

Thank you everyone.


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