1. What does Superbrands do?
  2. Superbrands is the leading by-invitation only brand promotion platform. It is established in over 80 countries around the world. Brands that join the Superbrands programme can leverage on Superbrands logo, reference book, event, website, media & PR environment for their overall marketing programme.
  3. What do you mean ‘by invitation only’? Who do you invite & how do you select the brands to participate the programme?
  4. Since 2008, many Superbrands Asian markets have introduced Superbrands research, a consumer survey conducted by The Nielsen Company, as the key benchmark in inviting the brands to join the programme. The survey is transparent & independent. The results of the survey voice the local consumers’ perception about the brands.
    Based on this consumer survey, Superbrands organisation invites the brands that appear in this survey to join Superbrands programme. For the brands that are not in the survey, brands can appeal to the Brand Panel for evaluation.
  5. How can I find out if my brand is eligible to join a Superbrands Programme?
  6. You can simply contact us at and provide us information about the brand and yourself.
    a. The name of the company you represent.
    b. Your name and position within the company.
    c. The name of the brand that you represent (if different from the name of the company.
    d. A link to your company & brand website
    e. The countries that you would like to be considered.
    f. Any other information that you feel will support your brand and provide us with insight as to your brand’s status in the markets you wish to be considered.
  7. How many people know about Superbrands?
  8. In a separate survey about Superbrands, conducted by The Nielsen Company, Superbrands awareness is as high as 70% in many Asian markets.
  9. How many years has Superbrands been in Malaysia?
  10. Superbrands started the programme since year 2002. In 2010, this will be the 5th Superbrands programme in Malaysia.
  11. What do I get if I become a Superbrand?
  12. Superbrands programme provides an integrated, multi-tiered marketing platform for your brand(s).
    a. Superbrands logo – can be used across brands’ marketing platforms, traditional & digital media.
    b. Superbrands reference books – this prestigious reference book is the ultimate testimony for the brand, and can be shared among your key investors, board members, stakeholders.
    c. Tribute event – the senior marketers & chief executive officers of Superbrands are invited to this exclusive event to network and interact with media.
    d. PR & Media supplement – participating brands are invited to join Superbrands featured supplement in the leading local newspaper 2 times a year.
    e. Superbrands digital (CSB) – all brand case studies are posted in the Superbrands website to be shared among consumers and the brands.
  13. How will it help my brand?
  14. More than 70% of consumers say that they are more likely, or much more likely to consider buying a brand associated with Superbrands.
    Consumers also say that Superbrands have good reputations, are quality brands and are brands that they can trust.
    For more information, click here.
  15. Do I need to pay to join Superbrands programme? How much will it be?
  16. Like any other exclusive marketing programme, there is a small participation fee to join the programme. This fee ranges from approximately US$13,000 to $19,000 subject to the package of entitlements and the programme the brand participates in.
  17. Can any brand pay to become a Superbrand?
  18. No. Participation in Superbrands is by invitation only and all brands need to qualify in order to be eligible to become Superbrands members.

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Okey ke barang yang diiktiraf SUPERBRAND nie?

Dan macam-macam lagi persoalan orang kan..

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