How To Measure Premium Beautiful Size

There are only 4 areas for you to measure. 
And all should be measured precisely in centimetre (cm). 
This is important in order for you to get the right size of your 
Premium Beautiful. 

See the below diagram. You need to measure: 

(1) bust  
(2) underbust 
(3) Waist
(4) hips 

Example : 
(1)- Bust - 90 cm, 
(2)- Underbust - 82 cm, 
(3)- Waist - 70 cm, 
(4)- Hip - 85 cm 


How to determine your bra cup?

 Bust - UnderBust = ____ cm)
Therefore : 90 cm - 80 cm = 10 cm . 
Please refer to the chart to see your bra cup size. 
10cm is between 10-13, your bra cup = "C".

How to determine your Long Bra PB size?

Compare between waist and underbust measurements. 
We should follow the bigger measurements.
According to the example underbust(80cm)and waist(70cm). Therefore: 80cm is between 78-82, and your Long Bra PB will be 80 and cup C "80C"


How to determine your Waist Nipper size?

According to the example your waist is 70cm. 
70cm is between 67-73, so your Waist Nipper size is "70".


How to determine your Long Girdle PB size? 

(Formula: Hip - Waist = ____ cm) .If the total cm is (> 28), then you need to take 1 size bigger.
If (< 28), you can refer to the table. 
According to the example: your hip is between 83-93(hip measurement), so your size will be "64".

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